10 Things You Need To Do After A Car Collision

10 Things You Need To Do After A Car Collision

10 things you need to do after a car collision according to the US Car accident law
Being involved in a car crash accident is not something you are insured against. Road crashes, causing death, personal injury, and damage have always happened. But what are the aftermaths of an auto collision? How will the car accident law in the US defend you when you are the victim?car accident attorneys
What are your legal rights and what you should do immediately after the car crash in order not to ruin your case? All these are questions that you should address to your motor-vehicle accident personal injury attorney. If you don’t have one than it is of vital importance to call someone that can recommend you a reputed negligence attorney to help you out dealing with all the legal procedures that follow.

What to do in case of a car accident?

According to the American car accident law you must do the following:

1) Contact the police as soon as possible to report the accident even if you see nobody visibly injured at first.
2) Give the other driver your details – name, address, car registration etc.
3) If you are not severely injured make the effort to take some pictures of the accident setting with your phone or camera from different angles.
4) Move your vehicle if possible as if it stays in the middle of the road the chances that somebody else gets hurt are really high
5) Call your insurance company to announce that you have been involved in a car collision. They will be the ones to compensate any people eventually injured.
6) If the negligent party is not insured advise them to find legal help immediately as their lawyer is the one that will negotiate with your insurance company in that case.
7) Find a personal injury lawyer straight away before making any written or taped statement.
8) Call a lawyer to find out more about the time limits within you are eligible to file for a personal injury compensation, covering for your medical bills, for the wages you lost because you were unable to work, for all the missed opportunities and all your pain and suffering as well.
9) If possible collect the details of a few witnesses as they may have to testify in court if you cannot settle financially with the accused party out of the courtyard and things get to that level.
10) Fill in an accident report stating the injuries and the damages you have sustained. In case you were unconscious after the car wreck and you were transported directly to the emergency room you must ask your negligence lawyer to do that on your behalf.
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Car accident law: If you have no legal advisor at hand to support you and provide you with useful tips how not to ruin your case, then you must find one immediately after you have been injured. The most time-saving option will be to call a claims management company like 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE and ask them to redirect you to an expert accident attorney in your area famous for winning the best car injury monetary compensations. You won’t be charged for that service as the aim of such companies is to provide information and contact details of reputed lawyers but not actual legal aid. Don’t worry, once you find the right legal defender your financial future will be in good hands!